Distractions, thank you notes and the one thing we actually need

21 Jul

I’m on vacation. If this is what my co-pastor preaches while I’m gone, I’m in no hurry to return.

A Lutheran Says What?

Let me paint a picture for all of you of my last week. As you know I was away to Portland to run a half marathon and then on to Seattle to see my parents. I flew in late Monday night and needed to be early on Tuesday as I needed to connect with Pastor Rob before he left on vacation. So I had my head full of many details of church and home and on top of that I had scheduled for Tuesday a meeting with someone from the synod office for 11:30 which seemed like a good idea weeks ago but on Tuesday- not so much. I was on my way out to this meeting and I was running late, feeling like I didn’t really have enough time for this meeting and mentally going through all the things that I had to do for the week-including writing this…

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Posted by on July 21, 2013 in Sermon


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